How you can continue to support Nottingham Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall?

The theatre we visit the most must be the Nottingham Theatre Royal with its mostly weekly change of show performance and like all of the theatres we support we enjoy that feeling of being a friend of the theatre.

So today we would like to share the following information given to us by press and marketing at Nottingham Theatre Royal and afterwards we follow by sharing plenty of our reviews from previous shows. We are not asking you to read them all but maybe take a look at those you fancy and remind yourself how special the performing arts are here in Nottingham. And how lucky we are to have a pair of splendid venues like the Nottingham Theatre Royal and The Royal Concert Hall.

Phil Lowe and Kathryn McAuley.

The Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall have been at the heart of our wonderful city for over 150 years, entertaining, inspiring and connecting people.  We have been overwhelmed by the many messages of support we have received from our customers in recent weeks, concerned about our venue’s future in these unprecedented times. Whilst nobody can predict with certainty how long this will continue, the implications of the coronavirus outbreak for our two wonderfully unique venues, as for all of us, will undoubtedly be significant and long-lasting.  If you would like to support us, there are several ways you can do so.

See a show

The best way you can support the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall would be to come back and enjoy shows here again when we re-open. Going to a theatre show or concert is such an enriching and joyful experience, especially in uncertain and anxious times, and we are very proud to be able to offer an exciting variety of cultural experiences to entertain, inspire and connect people.

Make a donation

If you wish to show your support in other ways, you could make a donation or leave a lasting legacy by Naming a Seat in the auditorium.  You can find out more about both these options here  

Join the Membership scheme

If you visit us regularly, you might consider joining our Membership scheme, which is a great way to help us safeguard these two wonderful, historic venues for future generations to enjoy. 

You can find out more here



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