Review: The 7 Fingers. Passagers. Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. 5-6 October.

Have you ever missed the last bus home and deeply regretted it? Have you heard of the expression ‘missed the boat’? Have you arrived hot and sweaty at the train station to see your vital train pulling away from the platform? You have? It’s super annoying isn’t it? Well, for the Arts sake, please don’t miss The 7 Fingers Passagers at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. This amazing show has been gifted us by Dance Consortium and it is a totally engaging blend of circus skills, contemporary dance, theatre, mixed media visuals and music that gets into your soul. It is thoroughly intoxicating and there is no hangover the morning after – just sparkling memories that will linger for years from Passagers, the best hybrid dance/circus show, unlike any other.

And the world-renowned The 7 Fingers have come all the way from Montreal to show us their superb skills and admirable abilities to create very human artistic atmospheres on stage. BOOK TODAY. You have one chance. One. It’s a thrilling ride that includes heart-stopping acrobatics and unique theatricality.

Passagers (Passengers) has been conceived by the The 7 Fingers collective and directed by writer, director and choreographer, Shana Carroll. As theatre journalist Lyn Gardner writes in praise of the pioneering company ‘Over two decades they have developed a circus vocabulary that is no less breath-taking in its physical poetry, but which feels more human. They have made us invest emotionally in every risk that is being taken.’ Passagers is indeed poetry in motion. On this first night at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall the audience applause is instantaneous on every jaw dropping circus feat and we are on our feet in a whooping, whistling, standing ovation at the end.

The mega skilled dancer- performers are Lucas Boulin, Louis Joyal, Anna Kichtchenko , Maude Parent, Pablo Omar Pramparo, Samuel Renaud, Sabine Van Rensburg, Brin Schoellkopf and Marilou Verscheiden. The artistic credits list for this show is formidable and includes: Scenography Anna Cappelluto, Musical director Colin Gagné, Video designer Johnny Ranger, Lighting designer Eric Champoux.

It is the blend of live action intertwined with epic filmed action relating to train travel and the soul stirring music that make this show the huge artistic success it is.

So, don’t be one of those people absently swinging your legs on your trapeze at home tomorrow muttering “I meant to book but this train went without me.” Get your tickets for the last performance in Nottingham tonight (6th October). Take the family. Take a train load of people! Fill the theatre! Support the Arts you have been missing so badly this last eighteen months. You’ll love it.

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