Review: Aidy The Awesome. The Gramophones. Streaming.

Photo credit: Pamela Raith.

Aidy The Awesome is a fun fuelled awesome adventure created by The Gramophones and at forty-seven minutes long it is the perfect length to keep the little ones thoroughly entertained at home via a digital stream. It’s colourful, lively, silly and demonstrates to us all that cheating is a bad thing. Aidy The Awesome also makes us aware that we should all recognise our talents and personal qualities that are valuable to ourselves as we grow up and recognise those in others too.

Photo credit: Pamela Raith

The cast of four, Farrell Cox (Aidy), Deborah Sanderson (Glorious Granny), Kathryn Hanke (Ron De Chocolate) and Alice Mary McKenna (musician/Charlie, interviewer and others) are highly engaging in their story-telling and the show includes strong elements of aerial skills choreographed by Gwen Hales. Director Hannah Stone and the technical team behind the digital streaming have done a superb job and the end result allows us to see the action from all angles and even a clever addition of separate screens when Aidy and her Granny get in touch with the Super Nannas. The show includes rock guitar and songs created by Darren Clark and all played with gusto by Alice McKenna, as they take us along Aidy’s journey in beating the naughty, cheating, super powers-stealing Ron De Chocolate. The set and fantastic costumes are by Irene Jude.

Photo credit: Pamela Raith

The show includes a few adult nods to controversial opinions about the inclusion and value of arts in schools and the idea that they are not a curriculum priority. It also encourages the young ones at home to show Aidy their greatest achievements through a drawing. One of the main themes that this Gramophones production encompasses is that flying off the handle and shouting “It’s not fair!” when feeling cheated upon or wronged is a bad approach. Aidy learns how to deal with her outbursts and value her own skills and learns to support others like Cheating Charlie, a fellow classmate at school. Aidy The Awesome proves to be a brilliant short show for the young ones and their family all to enjoy from home. Book HERE.

Photo credit: Pamela Raith

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