Nottingham Playhouse news update on NPunlocked events.

Going ahead, as they are before Thursday (a great chance to nab some live theatre tickets before lockdown begins):

  .     Tuesday 3rd November: Hand Me Down, a dance show by Wayward Theatre. Streaming info:

·         Wednesday 4th November: WOLF. Hilarious one-man show. More info on tickets and streaming here

First night and weekend of lockdown:

·         Fri 6th – Sat 7th Nov: Our concert with Rosalie Craig, Sandra Marvin and Jodie Prenger will go ahead, but streamed… a great chance for a cosy, uplifting and fun-filled evening at home with songs from the shows, in the company of the three legendary women.

·         Mon 9th Nov: Daniel Kitson’s Dot Dot Dot will also go ahead, streamed. Info: 

Panto will go ahead, but details about this will be released further down the line (as we gather more information and guidance)…

The latest on covid and Nottingham Playhouse can be found (and is regularly updated) here:

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