Wolf by Lewis Doherty. A ‘Must See’

This is our four star review for Lewis Doherty’s brilliant one man show that we caught at Curve Theatre last year. It will be playing at Nottingham Playhouse on Weds 4th November as part of their #NPunlocked festival. Get a ticket for it live if you can – otherwise buy one for the live streamed event.

The excellent Lewis Doherty makes another spectacular killing (well several, rather gory ones, actually) with his one man show Wolf. This time his many charactered world complete with insanely good self made sound effects takes us into the dark underbelly of the film noir universe. It is a vivid and detailed world and a right rollicking hour long entertainment.

Doherty plays all of the inhabitants of Shadow City starting with the ex-policeman hero Patrick Wolf. The tough guy cop is back in town to clear up the murder of his former colleague and encounters a dark metropolis full of bent coppers, evil mastermind criminals and many of the low lifes that get in the way of his quest. Not only that but, Doherty weaves in an inhuman killing machine of a cyborg ninja, a pair of lovers on a first date, his trademark cat reference and a down and out who gives his collection of beer cans human names. Those are just the tip of the mad iceberg. Expect car chases, helicopters, bar room brawls and breathtaking cat and mouse games high up on the rooftops and up and down barely lit stairs of an abandoned warehouse. It’s shoot out city and it’s mighty gritty dudes.

The whole of Wolf has great theatrical borderline cartoonish swagger and the humour is more acheronian than the silliness of his other show Boar. This Curve audience loves it and it isn’t hard to imagine that Lewis Doherty’s showing of Boar next week as part of the New Work Festival will sell out. This guy has talent by the bucket-load and more.

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