Grateful thanks to the saviours of our theatre website.

A huge thank you to the wonderful people who realise the cultural value of the East Midlands Theatre website and based on my former post asking for financial help, came to its rescue. You know who you all are and offer you my huge sense of gratitude. Your collective monies means that the £100 total has been paid today and the website is now secure for another year. I am tremendously cheered by this news and look forward to being able to give you all lots more positive theatre and dance content – and maybe even reviews! Thank you once again to all the contributors. Bless you all.
Phil Lowe
  • Did you know that East Midlands Theatre is run on a voluntary basis? Many hours goes into creating the best content for our followers. Would you like to aid our work with a donation? Then please use the PayPal donate button below. Many thanks.



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