D/deaf and disabled theatre and dance documentation project – funding.

East Midlands Theatre are currently researching historical and contemporary practice and training for D/deaf performance artists in the UK with the intention of sharing incremental information (ongoing), through this site. Our mission is to raise awareness of such theatre companies as Graeae, Ramps On The Moon and disability/deaf dance companies. The information gathered will be relevant, timely and beneficial to all.

To facilitate research we are asking for interested parties and companies to consider donating a little towards the costs of research carried out by myself Phil Lowe. Initially this will be until the end of October 2018 but the goal is for the programme to continue into the future as an inclusive part of our theatre promotion ideal on East Midlands Theatre.

The project is inspired by seeing and reviewing some extraordinary D/Deaf theatre spoken about in a previous post earlier this month. In this post you can see links to all the productions seen around the East Midlands that have inspired us to start this very worthwhile project.

We also promoted Derby Theatre’s recent declaration to launch d/deaf performers youth group.


The fundraising is through Facebook and the link to donate can be realised through clicking HERE. We do hope that you can help us realise a broader vision of theatre through the inclusion of sometimes marginalised practitioners. From our experiences they make theatre and dance a much more vibrant and challenging place!






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