Northern Ballet’s costume design for The Little Mermaid. Quick Facts and images.

The Little Mermaid – Quick Facts

Mikhaila Pye

Senior Wardrobe Manager, Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet’s wardrobe team create all of their costumes in house, meaning that every costume you see on stage has been handmade.

Mikhaila Pye, Senior Wardrobe Manager at Northern Ballet, gave us some exciting facts about the costumes for their new ballet The Little Mermaid.

”There are 3 complete sets of costumes for The Little Mermaid being made to cover all casts, as well as 8 wigs and 26 headdresses.

In total we have had 206 metres of fabric printed for the women and 170 metres for the men, and we are also using over 14 metres of sequinned fabric, dyed different colours for the different characters.

The women’s sea costumes use 14 metres of fabric per skirt and we have ordered 200 buckles for 50 men’s kilts.”

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