East Midlands Theatre.com video about reviewing local theatre and shows.

Whilst I can’t cover everything in this short video about my style of and the basics of theatre reviewing (more to come) I hope to give something extra back to the major theatres in the region that have supported me along the way with this promo vid.

My sincere thanks to everyone at Nottingham Playhouse, Derby Theatre, Curve Leicester, Nottingham Theatre Royal and Concert Hall, Loughborough Town Hall, Lakeside Nottingham University and Nottingham New Theatre for the opportunities to review all of your excellent productions.

Through current time restrictions I am not able to review as many amateur productions as perhaps I would like but I have been honoured to review the superb productions of Christchurch Theatre Club and Nottingham Operatic (for example) and it is thrilling to witness the talents and dedication that goes into such amateur musical theatre events.

For those who are not aware my educational background is BA (hons) Creative Arts (Performance and Visual Arts) and I studied at Nottingham Trent University. I have over 40 years of theatre experience as a performer, writer and audience member to draw on. I now run this website, seek to encourage theatre attendance and additionally I write for Sardines Magazine, Nottingham Post and Big Issue Online.  My theatre education is ongoing… Phil Lowe

Phil Lowe. Theatre reviewer.

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