Review: Let It Be. Nottingham Royal Concert Hall

five star

There might be many a ghostly grumpy Father hovering amongst the still living Let It Be audience tonight at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall and they’ll be muttering “I used to say ‘ You can turn that bloody racket down – ruddy Beatles. The Fab Four? What kind of name is that? That’s not music and they’ve all got long hair. Blummin’ disgrace the lot of ’em.’ Well that may be what those strict and stiff Dads used to say back in the 1960s. Nowadays, their more musically enlightened grown up children – a fair smattering of them getting on for sixty themselves – are rocking and jigging throughout the packed venue in a frenzy of Beatles nostalgia. It feels indeed like The Beatles are back and this mixed aged audience can’t get enough!


Let It Be is a celebration of the music of the Beatles ranging from their early days at Liverpool’s The Cavern Club to their international fame, Beatlemania and finally The White Album. As well as being musically very accomplished both in the instrumental sense and the close reproduction of the Beatles sound the concert is visually brilliant. The lighting and sound designers are as much to be applauded for their sterling work on this show as the excellent performers themselves. Humphrey McDermott (lighting designer) and original video designers Darren McCaulley, Duncan McLean and Mathieu St -Arnaud along with sound designer Mike Whyte all vastly contribute to the overall success of Let It Be. John Maher musically supervises and directs what is a very fluid and tight show.


Emanuele Angeletti is Paul McCartney, Reuven Gershon is John Lennon, Luke Roberts on the drums is of course Ringo Star and Paul Manion is the more serious George Harrison. All the artists are perfect for their roles both in looks, behaviour and sound. Just like in the early musical lives of The Beatles there is a lot of likable laddish fun had during the sets.

Simply fab!

Over thirty well known Beatles musical numbers are reproduced live on stage and the audience are encouraged to get up on their feet and clap, sway and sing along with the group. For many it seems like a return to their youth with no grumpy old Dad to spoil the music beloved by millions across the world.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves music be they young or simply young at heart. Simply Fab!

Runs until Saturday 9th July at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall.

Reviewer: Phil Lowe


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