Promo: The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband. Sharnbrook Mill Theatre

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband by Debbie Isitt at

Sharnbrook Mill Theatre

Mill Road, Sharnbrook, Beds.

Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th October, 2022.

Nightly at 7.30pm

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Do you have the appetite for a delicious comedy play that will leave you full of laughter?

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband by Debbie Isitt is a highly entertaining play, being performed by the award-winning Sharnbrook Mill Theatre from Wednesday, 5th to Friday 7th October.

Find out what’s on the menu when Hilary discovers that her husband of 20 years, Kenneth, has been having his cake and eating it, and has been seeing Laura, a younger, more attractive woman behind her back.

The only issue with his new and exciting life is: Laura can’t cook!

When Hilary invites Ken and Laura over for dinner, he readily accepts, unaware of what delicacies Hilary plans to serve!

Could revenge be for starters?

Will Ken get his just desserts?

Book your seat now to find out.

Tickets are on sale now via our website:

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