Promo: Journeys Festival International. Leicester City Centre

Join us with your friends and family for a free festival weekend from 12 – 14 August in Leicester’s city centre!

We’re filling the streets with a fantastic programme including:

– Aalborg Karneval by Aalborg Karneval, Spice Queen Productions and Mandinga Arts 

– Liberty Angels by Oakleaf-Stelzenkunst 

– Liberty Orchestra by Swinging Europe 

– Liberty Palermo Music by CESIE 

– Seed by Pif-Paf Theatre 

– Slow Down by Yara + Davina

– Frock by Stopgap Dance Company 

– The Submercycle and The Flycycle by Pif-Paf Theatre 

– CastAway by Highly Sprung Performance Co. 

– Strong Enough by Strong Lady Productions 

– Public by Ockham’s Razor 

– Rush by Southpaw Dance Company 

– The Tide by Talawa Presents 

– Roll Play by Simple Cypher 

– The Journeys Gazette by Writing East Midlands 

– This is Not a Chance Encounter by Betül Aksu

– Feed My Emotions by Explora – il Museo dei Bambini di Roma 

– Laugh in the Caff by The Big Difference 

– A Little Breeze by CNC DANSE – nathalie cornille

– Undocumented Love by Kansallisteatteri 

– Sanctuary Stories by Mandeep Dhadialla, Ruth Singer and the Roots Group

– The Write to Rave by Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson 

– Zero Waste Market by Canteen 

To find out more, take a look at the brochure here ;

#CelebrateJourneys #ACESupported #AnArtReachProject #JoinUsOnTheJourney #Festival #Leicester #OutdoorArts


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