Promo: Four Walls. One act play by Rukus. 10 -18 June. Derby Theatre

A new one-act play written by local Hip-hop artist and music producer Rukus 

A Caribbean woman is surprised to be caught up in a scandal, in her old age. A school kid suffers sleepless nights in fear of deportation yet his dreams of a music career stay big. Then there’s what’s her face, you know, the young nomad, out of place soul plodding the lonely road and not to 4get Femi, the inner-city dreamer, ambitious and aspirational, a believer. But as their journeys go on, something just seems wrong. Living in the same block of flats, each stranger is experiencing a deafening chorus of fear that crescendos and bursts into a Uni-verse, which is simply entitled: Find where you belong. 

4 Walls includes live saxophone music, rap, dance and multimedia and invites you into a world of community; discovering what fundamental needs are, who informs them and how we navigate where we go.

BSL Performance: 

Fri 17 June, 7.30pm 

Post-Show Discussion: After the evening performance on Fri 17 June


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