Promo: Check out these Nottingham Playhouse Private Peaceful in rehearsal photos and video.

The Peaceful brothers, Tommo and Charlie, have a tough rural childhood facing the death of their father, financial hardship and a cruel landlord.

Their fierce loyalty to each other pulls them through, until one day they both fall for the same girl. And then the Great War comes.

We join 18 year old Private Tommo Peaceful in the trenches as he tells us a story of courage, devotion and sibling rivalry on what may be his last night on earth.

Private Peaceful was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, won the Red House Children’s Book Award and won the Blue Peter Book Award. Acknowledged by Michael Morpurgo (War HorseThe Butterfly Lion) as his favourite work, this professional premiere is a new ensemble-version by Simon Reade. It tells the story of a country lad fighting a war he doesn’t understand for people he cannot respect.

Private Peaceful 12-26 Feb then tours

Private Peaceful in rehearsal


Daniel Boyd (Private Peaceful)

John Dougall (Father, Chaplain, Colonel)

Robert Evens (Bog Joe)

Tom Kanji (Munnings, Doctor, Grandma Wolf)

Emma Manton (Hazel Peaceful, Jimmy Parsons, Miss McAllister, Molly’s Mother)

Daniel Rainford (Thomas ‘Tommo’ Peaceful)

Liyah Summers (Molly/Anna)

Abigail Hood (understudy)


Author Michael Morpurgo

Writer Simon Reade

Director Elle While

Designer Lucy Sierra

Lighting Designer Matt Haskins

Sound Designer Dan Balfour

Movement Director Neil Bettles

Composer Frank Moon

Casting Director Ginny Schiller CDG

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One thought on “Promo: Check out these Nottingham Playhouse Private Peaceful in rehearsal photos and video.

  1. Tom Crossley says:

    This is easily one of my favourite Murpurgo books, that and ‘The Butterfly Lion.’ Rehearsal photos look awesome 😀


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