Review: Darley Dance. Christmas Show. (online)

Christmas 2021 may be receding into the background of this year’s annual entertainment calendar and in some areas we have witnessed brief and long term cancellations of shows, not only in the West End and Broadway, but regionally in the UK too. Derby based Darley Dance have, perhaps wisely, decided to take their annual Darley Dance Productions Christmas Variety show and show off their talents purely online, this year.

The small cast includes Tia Roberts, Ross Harris, Jade Lee, Charley Mitchell, Ellie Tatham, Daniel Longhurst and Matt Willis (from Busted). The show is choreographed and directed Abbi Burns and the musical direction is by Georgia Harris. Harris is assisted in the musical direction by Sarah Towle. The hour long show has plenty of festive song, dance and humour variety all based around Christmas and all filmed in Derby and around Derbyshire both indoors and outdoors. Derby at Christmas never looked so exciting! The costumes are excellent and give the show a very professional look. One of the key elements is that the whole thing is done with plenty of humour and it is very clear that all the entertainers are enjoying themselves.

The filming of the Darley Dance Christmas Show 2021 by Goldbox Productions is of a very high standard. Our only criticism in watching the show is that the sound of the singing sounds a tiny bit disconnected from the artistes’ mouths. The aural impression is that the songs are layered separately onto the visuals and, whilst totally in sync, the live singing marriage isn’t quite there. For anyone still wanting to sign up and watch online this is no real deterrent and the show still comes highly recommended by us. In choosing to go online out of economic and Covid health necessity Darley Dance have assembled a joyful and very likable festive entertainment.

Choreographer and director Abbi Burns and her Darley Dance company have secured sponsorship from twelve local businesses and Abbi gives them profuse thanks in the excellent online programme for, as she says “… it’s because of you that this show is happening.” As readers of this review and viewers please support them by investing in their online show this year. Book here.

Darley Dance Christmas Show 2021 is available online until January 2nd 2022


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