Nottingham Playhouse: Boar by Lewis Doherty (original review)

As part of Nottingham Playhouse’s Spring Loaded season we are delighted to see that Lewis Doherty’s one man show Boar is available both to watch live (Thursday 27th May) and live streamed. Boar booking details.

Phil Lowe reviewed the production in October 2019. Read his four star review below.

They say that brevity is the soul of wit and it doesn’t come much shorter than this bijou review of Beast House’s one man – one hour short – totally none stop – gales of laughter inducing, inspiring production of Boar.

The one man, on stage dynamo, telling his wild stories of Boar, a hilarious mix up of Game of Thrones/Vikings/Fantasy genre storytelling is the inimitable Lewis Doherty. Not only does Doherty do all the voices for his endless stream of characters but he mouths 99% of the sound effects too! His mimicry and mime  work is mesmerising as he morphs into each character and bonkers situation and, like the best of surreal comedians he brings unpredictable, but very relatable, surprise after surprise into his work. His additional self referencing and modern day pointers throughout is top class wit. We loved it!

Now you need to know that this reviewer isn’t one that laughs out loud but, amidst the full and highly appreciative studio audience at Nottingham Playhouse he found himself with so many tears rolling down his face he thought there was a leak in rain soaked theatre roof.


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