Derby Theatre: Dante or Die video podcast. Use Not Found.

Derby Theatre is excited to announce that we’ll be supporting Dante or Die‘s new digital adaptation of their critically-acclaimed site-specific live show,


First performed live here at Departure Lounge in 2018, the new version will be free to watch online from Thursday 10 September.

The immersive video podcast explores what happens to our online identities after we die.

user not found


USER NOT FOUND explores the ethics of digital ownership, public and private grief and shifting notions of connection and community.

Follow Derby Theatre on Facebook or subscribe to Dante or Die on YouTube to be the first to access the video premiere at 7:30pm on Thursday 10 September.

Charge your phone, plug in your headphones and find a quiet space for this intimate, meditative and funny story of one man grappling with something deeply private.


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