New theatre related Facebook group ‘Kitchen Sink Drama’ could well go viral!

Hello dear readers. I hope that you are all safe and well during these difficult times. Sometimes in the midst of difficulty and lockdown situations, where you may well be a stay at home person or family a little light of theatrical joy can shine into your life.

Not so many days ago I got a message from a stranger – a nice guy called Simon Wallace. Would I like to join a new group on Facebook called #kitchensinkdrama ? I was actually intrigued and so glad I didn’t dismiss the opportunity. Here is the message:

“Hello Phil – we are trying to get more theatre out there, and for people to get engaged with theatre.

Here is a ‘game’ of sorts we have started up in the leafy suburbs of Hertfordshire and mainly involving those of us who are non-professionals, teachers of Drama, or those who simply like a bit of theatre.  It is called Kitchen Sink Drama.

There is a group set up on FB (link below should anyone wish to look) and here are the details, but note that I am not a performer so have used the phrase destroyed! It would be great to see this spread. Welcome to Kitchen Sink Drama

This is a new game to play for those of us missing all things theatrical. The idea is simple. Record about 90 seconds of scripted drama whilst at your kitchen sink. Post the video and have everyone try and guess which play you are performing an extract from.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a performer (I’m not) – and you could even involve others you are holed up with. Let’s see those performances. The only rule is you have to be at your kitchen sink! Remember to ask the key questions:

What play am I destroying and which character am I playing? And include the hashtag #kitchensinkdrama.” Simon Wallace.

Here is a LINK to all of the Facebook #kitchensinkdrama videos so far. There are even some from the USA and Spain!”

I think this idea (and practice) is great fun and may well turn out to be a worldwide event. How exciting! I have really gone to town and dressed up for my videos, some of which were recorded on my mobile phone and some of which I used a camcorder and edited with Movie Maker. You wouldn’t believe the amount of takes I did on quite a lot of them and also had to deal with my cat meowing at crucial moments (usually right at the end section!) and then there was traffic noise, my neighbour clapping outside my kitchen window and me quite simply getting the lines wrong! I have uploaded all my videos to our East Midlands Theatre YouTube Page (please subscribe).

These monologue videos are only a couple of minutes short so do enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them and please share.

We would love you to check out our East Midlands Theatre Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube links. Click on images and please like and follow and share.

East Midlands Theatre Facebook

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