Promo: Humour book. The Total Joy of Travelling On Public Transport by Phil Lowe. Includes 12 audio extracts.

For all of our readers who are not aware, I have been hard at work writing over the last seven months, extra to this theatre website, and have just published a humorous book titled The Total Joy of Travelling On Public Transport. 

It contains lots of stories and weird overheard comments about the myriad of odd and annoying characters that have crossed my bus and tram travelling path over eight years of commuting in and around Nottingham and beyond. These stories and people types are universal not just dotty folk from Nottingham.

I am delighted to say that it has already picked up two five star reviews and some of the people who have purchased it via ebook on Amazon or paperback through the publishers, have highly recommended it to others. One couple have even said that they have been reading it to each other  out loud in bed and howling with laughter! That is very gratifying that I had brought joy to someone’s bedroom and life!  Needless to say I am genuinely thrilled with its success, even at these early stages. I urge you to grab a copy and spread the word. Let’s see if together we can get it to the number one spot on Amazon.

Natalia Wieczorek. London

“I wouldn’t normally pick up this type of book, but just fancied something amusing to read. I personally hate public transport, so thought I’d give it a go. I was not disappointed. Beautifully observed, anyone who travels on public transport will recognise these characters! From stroppy teenagers, to fractious children, drunks and people who squash you to death in your seat – all human life is here. If you are from Nottingham, even better, as most of the book is based there. Phil’s observations and ability to make sense out of the absurd is very clever, and he has a real talent for description. I’m actually there, on the bus with him, wiping at the steamed up window and listening to such bizarre comments as: “White dog poo? Haven’t seen any in years. I wonder if it is to do with Brexit?”
If you fancy a lovely, light-heated book to pick up and read – maybe on your own bus journey – this is for you.”

Jo McLeish. Leicester

“Anyone who has the ‘pleasure’ of public transport, needs to pick this book up! Witty, and cleverly observed, Phil Lowe takes us on a journey, literally a journey! Trains, trams, buses…. the foibles and idiosyncrasies  of the human-being laid bare, as Phil takes up his back seat on the bus and takes stocks of the British public. Read it on the bus, read it on the loo, but read it you must!”

To whet your appetite even further I have recorded twelve short audio soundbites ranging including the introduction and eleven funny stories from The Total Joy of Travelling On Public Transport. This is tiny fraction of what is in the book itself.

writer Phil Lowe 


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