Promo: Interview with EastEnders’ Lin Blakley on playing Agatha Christie.

EastEnders’ Lin Blakley on Murder, Margaret and Me: “There’s something in it for everyone”

Lin Blakley, most recently known for her role as Pam Coker in EastEnders, discusses why she swapped the screen for the stage as she takes on the leading role of Agatha Christie in Murder, Margaret and Me, showing at Derby Theatre 14-16 November.


How would you describe the show to someone who hasn’t seen it?

Murder, Margaret and Me is about two women who are extremely famous in their own right, who at first meeting, didn’t exactly care for one another. We see how over the years they grew to have a huge respect for one another and became firm friends.

Were you familiar with Agatha Christie’s work prior to taking on the role?

Well yes of course I knew her writing and remember many years ago seeing The Mouse Trap, which I really enjoyed. Now I think I should read more of her books!

What preparation have you done for the role of Britain’s Queen of Crime?

I have read and researched her life, which was so very colourful and interesting. I got to know her through that, and of course through Philip Meeks’ superb writing. 

How does Murder, Margaret and Me resonate with today’s modern audience?

I think young or older audiences will love it as there’s something in it for everyone. Humour! Drama! Poignant moments. It’s all very interesting. 

What do you want audiences to take away from the production?

Oh, my goodness! I guess really, if we do the job properly, they take away more understanding of how remarkable these two women really were, and what a huge impact they have made in literature, film and television.

A lot of people will know you as Pam Corker from Eastenders, how has your time on the Square prepared you for all of the mystery and sleuthing that Murder, Margaret and Me involves?

Well there was lots of mystery and sleuthing for Pam, wondering what Les was getting up to in the afternoons. Little did she know he was cross dressing!

What is your favourite part of touring/ what are you looking forward to most while on tour?

I’ve not toured since 2005, but the biggest thing for me, I think, is going to different parts of this beautiful Great Britain that you probably wouldn’t think of visiting. You end up thinking, “why haven’t I been here before?” because the place is stunning and has great people there too. Touring is the perfect opportunity to explore the different locations. 

What would your dream role be?

That is a difficult question! There are so many plays I would like to be in, from great comedy to heavy drama. With TV again there’s lots of things I’d like to do. I would really love to be in a new series from the beginning. I’d love to be in a sketch show playing all different characters. Voice an animated character. Tell bedtime stories on Cbeebies. Also, I really would love to play Miss Marple, Ms Christie’s most famous lady sleuth on TV!

Following Murder, Margaret and Me, what’s next on the horizon for you?

I’ll hopefully be popping back to Eastenders! Then a little more TV. And fingers crossed some more theatre very soon. 

I’m greedy I want to do it all! Please God I will…

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