Promo: Tarzanna tour by The Gramophones theatre company.


Tour dates are…
2nd March Deda 11am and 3pm
10th March The Albany 1pm 3pm
17th March Jacksons Lane 12pm and 3pm
15th April Aberystwyth Arts 2pm
25th May The North Wall 11am and 2pm
1st June ARC Stockton 11.30pm and 2.30pm

Tarzanna is an indoor or outdoor aerial theatre show for 3-8year olds, the will delight young audiences as they are taken on a journey into a magical world through playful aerial storytelling, moments of interactive fun, puppetry and acrobatic brilliance.

According to a study published in the American periodical Science, by the time they are six years old, girls already think that they are less capable than boys. Tarzanna tells the story of an alternative female role model who is the hero, in charge of her own destiny and who has the power make change.



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