Promo: Play version of A Christmas Carol by Phil Lowe now available as e-book.

I have recently revised my stage adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol originally performed at The Lace Market Theatre in Nottingham. It was directed by Martin Berry and proved an artistic and commercial hit; being voted as one of Nottingham’s Top Ten plays in 2008. A school production (Chilwell School) was performed in 2009 and enjoyed by cast, teachers and audience. At Chilwell, English and Drama teacher Sally Brown said “This excellent adaptation by Phil Lowe proved a real artistic success at Chilwell Secondary School and led to many of our young students re-reading the novel.”

Nottingham Post critic Alan Geary said of the production: “If you don’t much relish the prospect of  Christmas this production will change your mind. Phil Lowe’s adaptation of the Dickens masterpiece is superb: it captures emphatically the enduring potency of the original.

What with Tiny Tim and his crutch, it’s maudlin, of course, but as a tale of love, redemption and lost opportunity it can move strong men to tears. Martin Berry’s direction is inventive and imaginative. The way he realises the potential of a totally minimal set is admirable. And wisely, he allows old Lace Market stalwarts like Linda Croston and John Parker, at, for instance the Fezziwig’s party, scope to do their stuff. Ensemble scenes are handled well and Lowe’s script allows for plenty of enjoyable cast doubling and trebling.

Roger Newman’s central character is beautifully played: Newman looks and sounds absolutely right as the unbending skinflint. Plus there are some well judged comic touches, most obviously after Scrooge’s moral awakening when he breaks into a jig. And supporting characters are well observed: Christmas Present (Mark Breach), Bob Cratchitt (Paul Johnson) and Mrs Cratchitt (Katherine Morrant), for example.

From the initial funeral scene accompanied by music by Bruckner, music and background sound are extraordinarily well done. This must be the Lace Market’s best production in a very good year.” Alan Geary. Nottingham Post.

The full script is now available as an e-book (£4.99 + VAT) on Blurb at this link HERE and ready for KindleFire, Apple IPad, Android Services and MAC or PC computers. 19 pages of the script are available for pre-purchase viewing. The full 64 page script contains a cast breakdown and very workable suggestions on doubling and trebling of cast members. Blurb ISBN 978-1457960109.

For GSCE students studying A Christmas Carol click on the York Notes image below.

For performance royalties and school offers enquiries please email me, Phil Lowe, at with Christmas Carol Play in the header.





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