Interview and promo for Maison Foo’s ‘A Thing Mislaid’ (video)

This afternoon East Midlands Theatre owner/writer Phil Lowe popped over to the salubrious yet highly practical Derby Theatre rehearsal studios on the outskirts of Derby (where else?) to witness a rehearsal of the brilliantly innovative theatre company Maison Foo. They are currently in mid-rehearsal for their touring production of A Thing Mislaid. You can read further details about this in our previous promotional post. In the meantime do enjoy our most recent video recording (made … er … like today) of a fascinating interview with cast, creatives and … Maison Foo batty bird, Auntie Val. Mild joking apart, the video is very insightful of the processes Maison Foo use to create their theatre works. Maison Foo were very welcoming and enormous fun to be with.

That’s right. Click on the YouTube video below now. It won’t play itself.


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