Promo: East Midlands Theatre celebrates 84,000 hits since Oct 2015! Read our fab news!

Phil Lowe

Hello lovely readers and followers of East Midlands Theatre. Myself, Phil Lowe and our fantastic co- reviewer Kathryn McAuley are over the moon that this theatre website has just clipped 84,000 hits. We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for following us, offering your comments and helping us bring the best of theatrical entertainment to your laptops and media devices through East Midlands Theatre.

Kathryn McAuley

As you can see above we now have the facility for you to use this major ticketing system for lots of different types of gigs. Do click and check out what special offers they have. Potentially you could get some great savings on theatre/show/music events tickets countrywide. Plus there is the Gift Card option if you wish to give someone a super present.

Of late we underwent an exciting change in design and headed towards the bright yellow lights style imagery. This more contemporary look seems to have gone down well and we have adapted it to create banners for the new Facebook page; our Twitter presence and hot off the press today our Instagram presence! To keep things exclusive the Instagram page is marked Private but we welcome all who want to support what we do.

If you ever have anything you would like to hear more about in the East Midlands area please message us on the Facebook site.

Plus you can even review East Midlands Theatre on our Facebook Reviews section.

East Midlands Theatre Facebook

We would love you to check out East Midlands Theatre Facebook and Twitter pages above and  below. Click on the images and please like and follow and share.

Thank you to all the professional theatres in the region that we serve and support and also to the amateur musical theatre groups we love to support too! We do all this voluntarily and we love it!

Phil Lowe and Kathryn McAuley of East Midlands Theatre.



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