TALENTED upcoming professional artists are encouraged to apply to a new artist development programme run by Nottingham Playhouse.

The new programme, named Amplify, aims to recognise the talent within the region and has been created to act as a hub for local artists, who are committed to developing their career in the theatre industry. The programme will officially launch on February 15 marked by an exclusive talk from the Amplify team, ahead of the performance of Wonderland.

Behind the new programme is experienced director and writer Beth Shouler who has been appointed to the role of Artist Development Coordinator. Beth, originally from Nottingham, has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and is passionate about helping talented artists reach their potential.

Beth has previously been an Assistant Director at Nottingham Playhouse and has worked on a variety of projects within the participation and artistic departments.

Beth said: “I am thrilled to have been appointed to this new role, and I am really excited to be back at Nottingham Playhouse, playing such a pivotal part in the programme’s development. We designed this programme to provide a clear pathway of opportunity and to assist local artists to the next stage in their career.

Beth Shouler

Nottingham is thriving as a city, with its artistic flare and vibrant culture, it has a strong selection of promising artists. We are all immensely proud of what Nottinghamshire has produced over the years and we cannot wait to see more talent develop.

Through the programme we will be providing artists with the support they need to take their career to the next level, with workshops, strategic partnerships or informal advice.”

The new programme is open to theatre professionals of all ages, and all types of theatre artists are encouraged to take part, including writers, directors, producers and designers.

The programme includes advice surgeries, workshops, feedback on performances, as well as development time, scratch nights and plug in events.

Nottingham Playhouse has also established a partnership with Talawa Theatre Company as part of Amplify. The partnership, focused on developing Black artists within the region, is part of MAKE, Talawa Theatre Company’s new community of Black artists.

The first of Amplify’s creative ideas submissions windows, opens to all aspiring theatre professionals in the East Midlands in March, with a further window in September. The submission could be a script or a performance idea, and will be read within the organisation, with all applications receiving feedback.

Adam Penford, Artistic Director at Nottingham Playhouse, said: “Supporting local artists is a fundamental part of Nottingham Playhouse’s work and we are dedicated to providing opportunities for homegrown talent in all areas of our artistic programme. Our recent general auditions gave us an opportunity to meet a large number of local actors and I’m delighted that several of these performers have subsequently been cast in my first two productions, Wonderland and Holes. Through the Amplify programme we have a real opportunity to help regional theatre-makers build sustainable careers.

I was a freelance theatre director until joining the Playhouse and I know that it’s a tough and competitive industry. Core elements of Amplify will be building relationships, giving advice and creating a support network. We are committed to providing feedback to each applicant when they apply for the various opportunities on offer through the scheme.

We are particularly excited to receive our first batch of creative ideas submissions in March. This replaces our former script submission programme in recognition that artists are finding increasingly creative and diverse ways to generate performance. We’re encouraging individuals to be as imaginative as possible. We want to create an environment that makes everyone feel welcomed, inspired and empowered.”

For more information about Nottingham Playhouse, for details on how to apply for Amplify and to secure a ticket for the Amplify launch visit www.nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk

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