Review: Bowie Experience (on tour) Nottingham Royal Concert Hall.

Bowie Experience at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall is singularly sensational, musically and vocally highly polished with thrilling Bowie costume ch ch ch Changes and full on Sound and Vision. Any given invitation to Let’s Dance and this lively and totally appreciative Nottingham audience are up on their dancing feet and giving it their best. Clearly, from some nifty footwork and fancy arm waving not all the dancing audience are Absolute Beginners.

From the very start singer Laurence Knight channels his inner Bowie and ‘simply blows our minds’ with a perfect rendition of Space Oddity. With Knight and his solid band accompaniment we are assured of a fantastic evening’s enjoyment of the genius that was David Bowie through the dedicated and energetic stage work of Bowie Experience. On bass guitar we have Lidia Cascarino Close, Tim Wedlake stuns us with his guitar work, Stuart Darling is a musical magician on keyboards and Paul Gill is great percussionist. Charlotte Elizabeth Talbot impresses with her vocals especially in her duet with Knight for ‘Under Pressure’ which Bowie originally performed with Queen. Multi-instrumentalist Emily Westwood gives us her sultry saxophone and vocals throughout.

There is great attention to detail in this show which makes it stand well above any other Bowie inspired offering. Bowie Experience is total quality and they present their vocals and musicianship in a gig that many could happily watch well beyond its finish time and the last moment of applause dies down and as a very satisfied audience goes home.

Bowie Experience includes a mixed variety of Bowie songs all covered by Laurence Knight’s very impressive vocals and multi costumed Bowie personality. This evening the Bowie Experience set includes ‘Space Oddity’. ‘The Man Who Sold The World’, ‘Changes’, ‘Starman’, ‘John, I’m Only Dancing’, ‘The Jean Genie’, ‘Life On Mars?’, ‘Sorrow’, ‘Diamond Dogs’, ‘Rebel Rebel’, ‘Young Americans,’ ‘Fame’, ‘Golden Years’, ‘Suffragette City’, ‘Boys Keep Swinging’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Ashes to Ashes’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘China Girl’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘This Is Not America’, and ‘Where Are We Now?’

Bowie Experience leaves a very happy Nottingham audience and continues countrywide on tour. Catch them if you can and you will be rewarded with a superb evening’s musicianship with David Bowie songs that for many are the soundtrack of their lives.

Bowie Experience Tour link.

Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Phil Lowe

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  1. Mandy Jane Bolton says:

    I found the show thoroughly disappointing. Music lighting and lead singers costumes good but vocals nowhere near which made it a pain to listen to and consequently I left early.

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