Review: Katherine Ryan Glitter Room tour. Nottingham Theatre Royal.

Katherine Ryan is undoubtedly a very smart young Canadian comedian hilariously busting the myths of personal relationships including her own as a single, man free, mother to daughter Violet and much more. No ifs and no buts – Ryan is genuinely super smart funny. The Nottingham Theatre Royal audience love her and bust a gut at every wise crack and every comic gesture Ryan has to offer on this her current 2017-18 Glitter Room tour. Trying to recall every bit humour post show is pretty daunting as the audience are laughing hard throughout at every quick fire utterance.

However, we get comical glimpses into her life with her daughter Violet who has opinions well beyond her age and a plummy English voice to boot. She engages with a lady form Toronto in the audience and a single dad. We hear about the sexy nanny and get diverted by tales that advise not to keep dolphins in the house and laugh at Katherine Ryan’s brilliant impersonations including that of her Canadian family aghast at the price she has paid for such a small property. Nice comedians get shot down as do a host of celebs including Melania Trump. She amusingly expresses her her love of wine; morning wine (white), evening wine (red) and rosé in-between.

At one point she tells that she worked for Hooters and helped the branch in Nottingham to open and explains about the Nottingham branch moving across London Road to its present site.

Katherine Ryan back in the Hooters days. Photo Nottingham Post.

Back in Canada she often used to drift next door to Hooters to try out a bit of stand up comedy and confesses she was awful back then. Times have certainly changed for this brilliant and most popular comedienne who the Theatre Royal audience would have happily listened and laughed at for hours.

Katherine Ryan is also a writer, presenter and actress now based in the United Kingdom. She has appeared on panel shows including Mock The Week, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, A League of Their Own, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Would I lie to You? QI, Just A Minute and Have I Got News For You. As an actress she has appeared on the Channel Four sitcom Campus and in Don’t Sit On The Front Row starring Jack Dee. As a comedian she has appeared on the BBC’s Live At The Apollo both in leading and featured roles.

The Nottingham Theatre Royal audience are royally treated tonight as the warm up to Katherine Ryan’s one hour set is no other than acclaimed black comedian Dane Baptiste. Described as a provocative and a ‘comic genius’ at the Edinburgh Festival in 2015, Baptiste wins over tonight’s audience with tales of male and female perceptions of the other and turns around things we would say in certain sexual circumstances to comic effect. His act is sharp, sassy and he his comedy persona comes across as likeable and delightfully unpredictable. The perfect super inventive comedian for a modern age.

Reviewer: Phil Lowe

Originally written for Nottingham Post

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