Nottingham Playhouse: Curtain Raisers. Free events. New Writing.

Nottingham Playhouse say:

As part of our week-long festival celebrating Notts-based theatre companies, we present these curtain raisers from local artists. See work-in-progress performances from up and coming artists for FREE in the Ustinov room, before the evening’s main event! Tickets must be reserved in advance. Main event tickets are not required to attend.”

Booking link.

Five Years

Neal Pike and Matt Miller
Tue 3 Oct at 6.15pm

Set in a special needs school in the 1990’s, Five Years is an autobiographical one-man show which combines spoken-word poetry, improvisation and direct address to ask how do you find your own identity in an environment where you’re only defined as ‘special’? How do you remain optimistic when you’re encouraged not to expect too much of yourself?

It’s a quiet shout, a voice for those differently-abled, differently identified, marginalised and put-down. Starkly honest, poetic, but with a clear eye on the light at the end of the tunnel, Neal Pike explores sexuality, friendship, loss and ambition against adversity.


Louise White
Tue 3 Oct at 7pm

All Louise wanted to be was a marine biologist and she liked nothing more than to play in the bathroom with a snorkel and inflatable killer whale! Once grown-up, Louise embarks on a mission to the deep ocean, but on the way tragedy strikes and her life and childhood dreams hang in the balance. Can you help her make her way back to the surface?

The Dead Sea is a family friendly performance looking to get all ages excited about saving our planet and looking towards the future. It is made with support from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

A Second Opinion

Bread & Roses
Wed 4 Oct at 7pm

The NHS born in 1948 – she works hard, and doesn’t expect a thank you, but now she needs our help. The big wigs in the suits are slowly burning her out by cutting her wages, supplies and staff.

Delve into the history of how the NHS was born and what it is up against in order to provide everyone with free healthcare.


Thu 5 Oct at 7pm

What happens when Three Sisters go to Moscow? It’s a play that everybody knows but not everybody loves, from a country that very few people understand.

In a mix of traditional song, Balkan beats – a nomadic anachronistic gypsy disco of travellers and migrants collide to see if the reality of what they’ve wished for lives up to expectation. We don’t what they will find and what they will do, but we do know that Marsha, Irina and Olga are in for a treat!


Dearest Productions
Fri 6 Oct at 7pm

When did you realise you were no longer a child? I knew it when my own mother died, that’s the last time there would be anyone in the world who always put me before herself…

The piece will draw on personal experiences of having a mother, being a mother and explore everything in between.


Tilly Branson
Sat 7 Oct at 7pm

This is a show about my Great Aunt Bun, and about me trying to find out more about her. It’s about me working out why I feel so connected to a women I didn’t really know when she was alive. It’s a show about me becoming an aunt in the same week I inherited her diaries.

It’s a show about women who don’t have children and what they leave behind. It’s about a surgeon whose 1930s medical training certificates had to be altered by hand to change the default ‘he’ to ‘she’. And it’s about the important role aunts can play in raising independent girls and women.

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