Nottingham Playhouse. Three short videos with director, adaptor and composer of upcoming Pride & Prejudice.

“I wanted to try and put back onto the stage the jokes – it can become a very fusty story if you’re just sitting in drawing rooms waiting for people to propose.”

Comedian and writer Sara Pascoe talks to us about the “absolute intimidation” she felt in adapting Jane Austen’s best-loved novel Pride and Prejudice for our stage. Find out more about her new version, and how she was keen to get back to the witty and coarse spirit of Austen’s outspoken characters.

Singer-songwriter Emmy The Great discusses where she found inspiration create new music for our upcoming production of Pride and Prejudice.

“I do genuinely feel like Jane Austen is smiling on us.”

Pride and Prejudice director Susannah Tresilian discusses how she assembled a strong creative team to bring Jane Austen’s best-loved book to the stage.

Pride and Prejudice is on at Nottingham Playhouse from Friday 15 – Saturday 30 September 2017.…

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