Derby Theatre Studio. Kicking and Screaming baby friendly theatre.



Derby Theatre Studio Friday 7 October (at 8pm) – Saturday 8 October (at 2pm)

Baby- friendly theatre: parents making theatre for parents and their babies

On Friday 7 and Saturday 18 October, Derby Theatre will present Kicking and Screaming, a baby-friendly production for parents and their babies, presented by Tangled Feet.

Kicking and the Screaming is back on the road, embarking on a new UK tour (along with two new babies and a Doula). Maybe this time next year there’ll be more babies.

Like a tiny bomb exploding in the middle of your life, the baby arrives – and suddenly the world you knew becomes a different place entirely. How do our priorities shift when we become parents? How do we adjust – and what happens if we don’t?

Recently life has imitated art at Tangled Feet theatre company HQ with two new arrivals for the company’s directors. Last year, the award-winning theatre ensemble toured their acclaimed new show Kicking and Screaming across the UK. The show tells the story of the impact a new baby has on two couples as they grapple with the jobs and challenges a screaming new member of the family brings. However, the play had an unexpected impact on the directors, Kay Joyce and Nathan Curry, have had babies (also cast member Laura Mugridge has trained to be a Doula: a women who gives support, help and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth). So how has parenthood impacted on their work as directors and affected this show about parenthood?

Nathan Curry (co-director of Tangled Feet) said: “As new parents, our social life has almost disappeared, we never go out after 7pm and we just watch box-sets at home. We wanted to invite parents struggling with similar issues to bring their babies to the theatres and enjoy this cultural experience together which is why we are scheduling ‘bring your baby’ shows throughout our tour. The babies get baby massages and ‘sing and sign’ this is for the parents.”

Bring your baby shows It can be hard getting to the theatre as a parent of a young baby, so Tangled Feet will present a baby-friendly performance during the run in Derby. Bring your baby (babies under 18 months old) to one of these accessible shows – there will be buggy parking, relaxed seating, and it’s fine to feed, change, comfort and interact with your child during the show.

Kicking and Screaming is an honest, funny and touching show with a live score played on children’s instruments, which combines Tangled Feet’s trademark physical performances with a hilarious new script.

Tickets: £10, £8 concessions. Babies under 18 months old: one free with every full paying adult. The baby-friendly performance is on Saturday 8 October at 2pm. For more information and to book tickets, call the Box Office on 01332 593939.


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