Review: Saucy Jack and The Space Vixens. Musicality. Nottingham University.

four star

It takes a lot to get this particular creaky reviewer up on the dance floor disco dancing with the young students – an awful lot. Creaky old git or not he feels compelled to let his lack of hair down and let his inhibitions fly at the end of Musicality’s fun performance of Saucy Jack and The Space Vixens.


The lively show with its tongue in cheek (and other places) naughty humour and catchy songs is given full belt by the young cast of Nottingham University’s Musicality group. Whilst the acoustics in the Studio Live space don’t always help deliver the clarity of the song lyrics the cast have a whale of a time performing this silly outta space musical and their fun is infectious. The packed matinee audience love it.

vixen three

Directed by Jonathan Walker with Rachel Loggenberg and Tom Williams as Musical Directors the show is being performed only three times this week at Nottingham University. Gemma Burton choreographs as well as playing Jubilee Climax. The dance numbers are line dancing versus disco versus occasion drifts into lap dancing. All these are done as Kenny Everett would said “All in the best possible taste!”

vixen two

If your taste is for something very funny, a little bit rude and downright silly then Charlotte Mann’s Saucy Jack and The Space Vixens will be for you. The lyrics are by Michael Fidler and Charlotte Mann with music by Jonathan Croose and Robin Forrest. The show features some great numbers like Saucy Jack’s, All I Need Is Disco, Glitter Boots Saved My Life, Fetish Number From Nowhere, Space Trucking and Bunny’s Lament. You are guaranteed to come out dancing and searching the ‘glitter boots’ you inside.

vixen 1

The ten strong talented cast are Thomas Outhwaite (Saucy Jack) Gemma Burton (Jubilee Climax) Charlotte Howarth (Chesty Prospects) Maria Bennett (Bunny Lingus) Emily Dervey (Anna Labia) Jake Gerlernter (Dr Willy Von Whackoff) Joe McGeehan (Mitch Maypole) Bobby Hughes (Booby Shevalle) Rhodri Denton (Sammy Sax) and Nikki Fish (Vulva Savannah/Compere). Each actor brings something special to the piece and naturally the hot Space Vixens steal the show, closely followed by Outhwaite’s seedy (sorry – charming) Saucy Jack and Howarth’s super sexy Chesty Prospects. Jake Gerlernter (Dr Willy Von Whackoff) is very amusing on text and with occasional improvisations.

For a fun night out East Midland’s Theatre would recommend this production of Saucy Jack and The Space Vixens. Just make sure you sit on the front row seats for the best experience.

Reviewer: Phil Lowe


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