Review: Pam Ann – Queen of the Sky – Nottingham Playhouse.

four star

Comedienne Caroline Reid aka Pam Ann (Queen of the Sky) is the air hostess with the mostest to say and it ain’t subtle. This brassy Australian artiste is acerbic comedy old style where anyone and anything is fodder for her comedy canon, including Isis.

Pam Ann is not afraid to ridicule all and sundry verbally with her barbed wit and regularly flies across some risky contemporary routes that meeker comics might find offensive.


A packed and appreciative house at Nottingham Playhouse – part of a new UK tour – thoroughly enjoy her caustic jibes and put downs. Even a small group in the audience sporting glow in the dark big specs get the Pam Ann treatment from the wickedly jocular Reid. She tells them in no uncertain terms to put them away because they are distracting. If any of the Playhouse seats has seat belts it would be a wise precaution to fasten them – twice! This is one rollicking rocky ride with plenty of turbulent tittering.

Reid’s comedy observations are often shockingly politically incorrect, beautifully unpredictable and totally hilarious as she pulls apart the LGBT community and anyone with a cultural difference. She is unrelenting and tells no holds barred accounts of life as she sees it. She is not afraid to bring the audience members into the stories and whilst her general humour can be pretty sulphurous she is relatively gentle with the actual audience members she communicates with and through. Relatively.

Reid is so blisteringly funny about the world of airlines and aircrews that next time you visit an airport or take a flight you won’t be able to stop laughing. That is the joy of her style of comedy. It opens up perceptions and through the humour it offers an alternative perspective on life and, in Pam Ann’s case, an extremely funny – mixed up flight – of uproarious misrule! However, it is clear that Reid is a true airline geek and her often cruel sounding comedy is laughing with them and not at them.

Judging from her rapturous welcome at Nottingham Playhouse Reid’s outspoken comedy creation Pam Ann clearly has a largely gay fan base built up from her twenty years on the world’s comedy circuit. Some of her tales may be familiar to the audience but, like all fans, they are happy to hear the old material mixed in with the new and contemporary when it is done as well as this especially if, as Pam often says in her Aussie brogue, ‘The Gays’ like it.

Phil Lowe

Review originally published by Nottingham Post.

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