Review: Walk Like A Man. (touring) Curve Leicester Studio.

The comparisons will naturally abound between the larger, more historically in depth, Jersey Boys show about Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and the bijou, four man, touring show Walk Like A Man promoted by the Handshake Group. Both performances feature stunningly accurate vocal and stylistic representations of the famous group and Mr Valli himself. Whilst the first is about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the group over many many years, Walk Like A Man is more a personal journey demonstrated through a sublime showcase performance. It often feels like we have stepped back in time and we are a very select audience thrilled to be listening to and watching the real Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons in their utter prime. The attitude is there as well as the banter and humour and romance. Walk Like A Man is directed by Mark Halliday and choreographed by Jo Dalladay.

In this show we have the veritable talents of Thomas Sutcliffe (Frankie Valli), Patrick Barrett (Bob Gaudio), Ian Curran (Tommy Devito) and Michael Riseley (Nick Massi). Tonight’s audience are most definitely up and ready for all the non stop hits and the chance to boogie or clap and wave along. The hits come fast and furious in this, value for money, two hour show currently playing at Curve Leicester Studio until Saturday 16th June including three matinees (Weds, Thurs, and Saturday) as well as the evening performances.

As the promotional blurb says ‘Valli’s unmistakable voice dominated the airwaves for more than two decades with classics such as Sherry, Let’s Hang On, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, December 63 (Oh What A Night), Bye Bye Baby, Who Loves You, My Eyes Adored You and many many more.’ This evening’s audience can’t get enough and totally adore this show. It is slick, winningly presented, vocally and dance moves perfect. The four characterful guys have great suits, polished shoes, sharp haircuts and enviable tie pins. The backing tracks are spot on and the lighting gives a real club style atmosphere. If you were on a cruise ship watching this high quality show you would be the happiest person on the open seas.

Key to the whole performance is that the four performers really seem to enjoying entertaining this Leicester audience out for a good time. And a very good time is shared between the entertainers and the entertained. Yes, Jersey Boys might give you a deeper understanding of all the artistic, personal and financial struggles Valli and his original ‘Seasons’ went through on the rocky road to fame, but Walk Like A Man offers up the cream on top of the delicious cake that is Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. These four guys, Sutcliffe, Barrett, Curran and Riseley are simply the energetic and nostalgic Four Seasons best and this enthusiastic Curve audience totally love them. Oh What A Night!

Reviewer: Phil Lowe

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