Review: Dick Whittington a five star Pantomime at Nottingham Playhouse.

five star

Quite simply, Dick Whittington at Nottingham Playhouse is Panto-tastic! This five star story book of delights opens up a wealth of colour and fun for all the family and everything one expects from a glittering top quality show that the Playhouse produce year after year and which keep the audiences returning eager to be entertained. You will go home with a huge grin on your face and aching sides from an evening full of laughter and joy.

Rebecca Little as Fairy Bowbells.

Many familiar faces are back on stage such as Rebecca Little as the delightfully dotty Fairy Bowbells, Tim Frater excellent in the lead role as Dick Whittington, the ever watchable John Elkington as Sarah the Cook and  very funny Anthony Hoggard as Florrie Fitzwarren. Yes that’s right folks – two dames!

John Elkington as Sarah the Cook

The panto welcomes some new faces in the cast of Dick Whittington including Jasmine White as a very winsome and athletic Tallulah the cat, the bouncy and confident Matthew Chase as Jack, Natalie Taylor Gray charming as Alice and Kevin McGowan as a bonkers King Rat that the audience love to boo. McGowan has some great fun in explaining ‘things’ with his catch phrase “For those that don’t know.”

Jasmine White as Tallulah the cat


Kevin McGowan as King Rat

Three of the previous  giant rabbits make a welcome re-appearance and are loved by the kids big and small in the audience. The absurd sight of them swimming through the waves as the ship sinks is classic funny moment that even Ionesco couldn’t have made up.

The fantastic chorus of faultless singers and dancers alternate each night as red and blue team and really bring a breath of fresh air to all the scenes they are involved in.


Once again writer and director Kenneth Alan-Taylor has come up with a brilliant script with enough silliness for the family audience to enjoy and just a little of the naughty humour to tickle the adults. Adele Perry adds plenty of sparkle to the show through her spot on choreography.

Tim Frater as Dick Whittington

Tim Meacock’s stage designs are a wonder to behold taking the audience around the world from London to Rio and back again.

John Morton (musical director) and his band provide splendid musical backing and even join in the daftness that erupts every few minutes in this Panto adventure story.

Anthony Hoggard as Florrie Fitzwarren

Dick Whittington at Nottingham Playhouse is bright, inventive, musically uplifting and totally daft. You will come away feeling as happy as the cat who has had the complete bowl of cream and more!

Dick Whittington runs: Friday 27th November 2015 – Saturday 16th January 2016

Phil Lowe

Photo credits: Robert Day.

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